Happy New Year!

“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” – Hebrews 12:1

“Live life in crescendo”—Stephen Covey

As the new year gets closer and closer, people find themselves reflecting on the past year and planning for the next. We tend to see this as a time to start fresh with a “new year, new me” outlook. We sit down, detail out these giant new plans that are going to revolutionize our lives!

Yet, year after year we find that all our great and giant plans fail more times than they succeed. Why?

When we start creating new plans or habits in our lives, we tend to create something that complicates our lives more, adds hours of work to our day, and perhaps leaves us exhausted. And the worst part is, it’s rarely fun.

These types of plans are just not sustainable. Unless you absolutely have to, you are not going to be able to continue a plan that is exhausting, boring, and time consuming. So what can you do instead?

New plans and new habits in your life will become ongoing if they are one of two things: either they are energizing to you or they are incredible simple. If they’re both, even better. Figure out what you want, then find the simplest, most fun way of doing that thing. It might feel small but even a small step forward is a step forward. Soon those small steps become long strides which becomes a light jog and then a full paced run.

We all want each year to be better than the year before, we want to have peace and joy, an abundance of love.

Our prayer for you is that you encounter God in a new way this year, that you experience love and acceptance in deeper measures, and that you find purpose and passion along the way.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey. We are truly grateful for everyone who has made Witheos possible. We look forward to more exciting things in our future!