The Day Love Was Born

In a few days we get to celebrate Love Incarnate coming to Earth. God made flesh, born to a young woman who was engaged to a carpenter. Born in a barn, with only the animals and His parents there to witness the most important birth on the earth. One of the most life altering, earth-shattering events that has ever happened was literally witnessed by two people and a bunch of sheep. How sweet and kind that God gave Mary and Joseph that moment, what a blessing to give to these two people—the only people to not only see, but experience, the birth of the Savior of the World.

As Jesus aged, He transcended being just the son of Mary and Joseph to become the leader of a revolution like no one had seen before. Mary and Joseph had to share their first born with the entire world. But those first moments, when Jesus breathes and cries and open his eyes, those moments were for them alone.

Maybe Jesus was born in a stable not only so that he came from humble beginnings, starting in the lowest of low places, but also to give Mary and Joseph this gift.

Love being born was life-altering, veil-tearing, and death-defeating. It shattered the earth to its core. It caused angels to rejoice, wise men to bring gifts, and shepherds to bow down. The effects of Jesus’ birth ripple on and on throughout history, through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and the current era until it has reached today, until it has reached you.

But before the revolution, before the final battle, before the walking on water and the water into wine, before the healing of the sick and the downtrodden, before all the miracles and parables and teachings, before all of this, there was Mary and Joseph, alone, holding Love in their arms.