"Turn your faith from a liability into an asset"

-Steve Eklund


Witheos (“with God”) is a human outfitter providing resources to help people thrive in their daily lives. We aim to do this by combining the sciences of faith, business, and psychology. We specialize in helping people discover who they are, who God is, and what they’re made to do by providing classes, online content, and events.

Join the Adventure!

We believe that a deep and abiding relationship with God can dramatically improve and effect your daily life, including your relationships and your career. By aligning your faith with your day-to-day life, you will be better able to love the people you work for, the people you work with, and your clients. This leads to an engaging career built on love and relationships, adding meaning and excitement to your daily life. You will also be able to love your family better, finding a thriving and fun relationship with your parents, siblings, children, and spouses.


Meet Our Team


Steve Eklund

After spending 27 years in the public investment world, Steve is turning his attention to investing in unlocking hidden human potential by connecting people with their creator. Steve firmly believes that your faith can be an asset in all areas of your life. He is helping them to discover who they are and what they should do. God has a purpose for people's lives: Lets go help people find it!

To contact or set up a meeting, please email: eklund.steve@gmail.com

rusty geverdt

Rusty has spent years encouraging, teaching and consulting with those seeking godly advice and counsel. His unique form of spiritual discernment, born out of a lifetime of prayerful history with God, has been valued by individuals and leaders, both in business and communities of faith. He meets regularly in mentoring relationships with those seeking understanding in the ways of God. 

For more information and to contact, visit him at Kingdom Prayer Initiatives.



scott pochron

Scott Pochron is the founder & CEO of Bridge Catalyst, a coaching & consulting firm specializing in helping companies embrace the human side of Digital Transformation. With so much focus on implementation of the latest technologies, many companies fail to recognize that becoming a digital business requires different thinking.  
Scott has had a diverse career as a CPA, technology consultant, CIO, Corporate Strategist, project manager and business coach. He holds a Masters in Organizational and Leadership Dynamics from Antioch University, and is a certified project manager (PMP). 
His 25 years of consulting and corporate experience has cultivated an awareness of the human technologies that drive successful companies.

Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more, or contact me at: scottpochron@bridgecatalyst.com.

Ron touby

Leadership/Life Coaching

Ron Touby is a Life and Leadership Coach. Coaching is a belief in people and their opportunity to grow; then providing them a relational support structure to draw out what God has put in them and how He is guiding them.

  • Discovering your personal Vision, Mission and Values

  • Motivation and accountability for staying focused upon your goals

  • With confidence and joy, taking responsibility for your new perspectives and new habits

 Contact Ron Touby - ron.touby@cru.org   513-227-5495

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Rachel eklund

Rachel is a certified Myers-Briggs coach with a strong background in interpersonal relationships and business branding. She loves helping companies and people find the core of what they are doing; helping them establish who they are, areas of tension they might feel, and how to proceed to build better relationships. 

To contact, please email eklundrg@gmail.com