Unlocked Intensive

(formerly The Witheos Program)

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We are excited to announce the Unlocked Intensive (formerly called The Witheos Program). This is a 2-day workshop that helps you discover your purpose and direction. We will dive into values, vision, mission, strengths, and bold steps forward, so that you leave with a better understanding of who you are and what God is calling you into. This is a great workshop for those who feel like they are stuck, need some direction, and are ready to move towards something great!

This Intensive will take the main parts of the Witheos Program (our 10-week course) and give you the core content of the program in just 2 days. 

Homework before seminar will be required. 

Scholarships available. Click this link for fill out the scholarship form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RCSZHFV



Do you want to move forward into what God has called you and you don't want to do it alone? Human beings don't live inside a vacuum or on an island. We are relationally driven people. When we can connect with other people and learn from them, we can do farther and faster than we could ever go alone. 

How it works:

Individual Coaching is a one-on-one coaching session with one of our coaches. We go over what you want to get out of the time together, where you want to go, and help give you the tools to get there. 

Group Coaching is a group of about 3 people who meet every other week for about an hour and a half. These people have gone through the Unlocked Intensive (formerly The Witheos Program) and all want to move towards their vision for their lives and begin living out their purpose more fully. 

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