"What is the most valuable currency in the world? People have told me before that it is gold or money. But the roads of Heaven are literally paved with gold; people literally walk on gold in Heaven. It is the equivalent of asphalt. No, the most valuable currency in the whole world is not gold or money. The most valuable currency in the world is the blood of Jesus"-- Steve Eklund

You are valuable. You are worthy of love and you are accepted. How do we know this? Our culture spends a lot of its time telling us that we are less than, that we are small, that we are insignificant, and that we have to prove that we are valuable. We are thrown into a River of Expectations the day we are born. We must be beautiful, successful, strong, rich, and talented to be worthy of someone's time and attention. Trying to be all of these things can be overwhelming and we can end up feeling like we are drowning.

So how do we know we have value without waiting for our culture to tell us that we do? We listen to the One who created us. God says that you are so valuable, so precious, and so loved that He gave the most valuable, sacred, precious, honorable, and perfect payment so that you could be with Him: His Son, Jesus. You do not have to earn His love, His attention, or His affection. He offers it to you because of His deep love for you.

You are not an accident, a mistake, or an afterthought. You are not less than or unworthy. You have been bought with the priceless blood of Jesus that is without measure; it covers all.

Ask the Lord this week to reveal how much He values you this week