You're a Superhero

God has placed incredible things inside of us when we were created. Like any superhero origin story, we are not always sure that we are special or that we have something to contribute to the world. We walk around, sensing that we are made for something so much more, that we are not just like everyone else, that we are called to something great. We long to save the world, we just don't know how.

We have global missions, like superheros have global missions to save people, protect the innocent, fight evil, and make the world a better place. Our global missions are laid out for us in the Bible: go out and make disciples, bind up the brokenhearted, bring freedom to the captive, etc. We are called to do these things in whatever sphere of influence we have.

We also have personal missions, the specific things that we have each been called to do, how to do them, and where to do them; like Batman guards Gotham and fights crime with a ton of cool, expensive gadgets and an insane amount of fighting skill; Superman protect Metropolis with his ability to fly, being nearly indestructible, and the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. We each have been called to something specific and something great. 

As we go through life, those callings are pulled out of us through the different events. We find that we make the world a better place through writing, through friendship, through fighting, etc. We each get to fight for the world we love, no matter how big that world is. And God has given us the super powers to save the world.

What is your Super Power?