The Sacred Breath

Then the Lord God formed a man and woman from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being—Genesis 2:7

 It is interesting how little and simultaneously how much the human brain can remember and hold. Sometimes we forget where we put our keys when we get home and yet, sometimes we can remember the exact thing a teacher said to us 15 years ago. Sometimes we remember that God loves us and sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we remember that our hearts beat because God breathed, sometimes we forget.

 Sometimes we remember that the eternal, sacred breath of God is in each person we encounter. And sometimes? Sometimes we forget.

Every human that you interact with is a living, breathing, loved, adored, and eternal being. When we engage with other people, our souls are colliding with an infinite being who was molded and knit together by the Author of time, the Creator of bones and blood and DNA.

We forget the sacredness of ourselves. And we forget the sacredness of others. The fact that we even get to interact and collide with a being who can love, laugh, cry, break, hurt and be hurt, create new things, and constant grow is astounding. The fact that we get to connect with others’ spirits which are so like our own and yet so unbelievably different is mind blowing.

Take time to remember today; remember that the others that you engage with are sacred. Remember that you are sacred.

And you are sacred, they are sacred, because of the Love that was breathed into human lungs at the beginning of time and the Love that is being breathed into your lungs right now.