Be Still

Being still is not something that our culture is very good at. With the enormous amounts of information and entertainment literally at our finger tips, it is hard to actually find real stillness. What does being still look like?

Being still is similar to mindfulness. Mindfulness is the exercise of bringing one’s attention to the present and the present only. Stillness adds an element to this though: it is a focus on the present but it is also a focus on the omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence of God.

It is being still and knowing He is God. It is allowing yourself to be fully present, in the here and now, and being aware of the vastness and closeness of God. This does not have to be done in a completely dark room, legs crossed, and eyes closed. You can step into stillness at any point in time. This can be while you are in a meeting, driving around, eating dinner, etc.

What happens when we are still? It simultaneously gives our minds a break from overanalyzing the past or over-worrying about our future. It allows us to accept and love the current moment, despite its hardships, its disappointments, and its heartbreaks. It also refocuses and reframes our reality to incorporate a God who is infinitely bigger, wiser, more powerful, and closer than we tend to realize.