Where do you want to go? And how are you going to get there?


Let’s look at your life as a journey. On this journey, let’s say you have a car. Your car is the thing that gets you from point A to point B. Only one person can drive your car. Someone has to turn the car on, put their foot on the gas, and turn the steering wheel. But if we aren’t the ones driving, if we aren’t the ones steering our lives, who is?


If you aren’t driving your car, someone else will. Someone else will dictate the decisions you make, where you go, and where you end up. Sometimes we let our culture drive, sometimes our family, sometimes our friends, and sometimes we let complete strangers drive.


The benefit of letting someone else drive your car is that it is then their fault if you end up in a ditch somewhere or in a car accident. You are free from being responsible for your life. The downside is that you then have no control over where you are going.


In order to be unlocked, you need to acknowledge and accept control and responsibility for your life. This can be a really scary process. We tend not to want to feel the full weight of responsibility and choice. It can also be uncomfortable when we start to take control. Similar to how it feels to learn how to drive for the first time. Taking ownership and responsibility for our own actions and the effects of those actions is something that people run away from for most of their lives. 


This process can be painful, you might make a lot of wrong turns, but you will also find an adventure that is beyond your wildest dreams. You will get to participate with God in a way you have never experienced before. You will go beyond what you thought was possible, you will heal in ways you weren’t expecting, you will meet people you didn’t anticipate meeting. 

When you take control of your life, the world becomes a thing to love, explore, and serve. And it becomes so much more fun.


Not only that, you become powerful. We don’t always believe that God wants us to be powerful. We want to be the meek, humble Christians who turn the other cheek—which is true. We want to be loving and kind. But Love is also fierce. Love fights and fights hard. Love is powerful, motivating, and defeats darkness.


Powerful people change the world. Powerful people engage in their lives with a level of intentionality and intensity that is brought out by love, purpose, and passion.