Anytime we want to make a change, we need at least a slight shift in direction and in the equilibrium of our lives. We need extra energy exerted to change the direction we have been going. 


This is uncomfortable. Human beings like to keep things balanced and to keep things as they have been—comfortable, same, usual, and normal. Similar to the First Law of Physics—an object in motion will stay in motion unless otherwise acted upon—we will stay going in the same direction unless something or someone changes that direction. That something or someone can be us. We can choose to change our own trajectory.  


To change the current direction we are going in, we need a little extra push, extra energy, extra umph to change. Sometimes we think if we think about it hard enough, the change will miraculously happen, which, unfortunately, is not that case. 


When you are looking at the next phase of your journey, looking at the shifts you want to see in your life, keep in mind that change is uncomfortable. Your life will fight at least a little bit against the change. It is uncomfortable.


And that is okay. Just because something is uncomfortable or difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t good. This change will take energy at the beginning. Sometimes we think right changes are the easy ones, the ones where we don’t have to do anything or exert any energy and that feel good all the time. Those aren’t always the right decisions.


Jesus has called us to do difficult things. To be courageous and bold, to be willing to risk the comfort of what has been for the joy of what is to come. Change does not happen from thought and good intentions alone. Change requires action. Change requires being uncomfortable. Change requires energy. 


The dreams God has for your life are worth you being a little uncomfortable.