Good Things Take Time

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”—Zechariah 4:10

In our world filled with instant gratification, the idea that something might take a long time to accomplish is painful. We don’t want to work hard for 5 years to lose all the weight we want to lose, to create a thriving business, to fall in love. We want to be perfectly fit, amazingly successful, and deeply in love right now, in this second. We so badly want the outcome that we look for shortcuts, some which work and others which backfire.

Rome was not built in a day, forests don’t grow in a week, and passions aren’t accomplished overnight. We see successful people standing in the lime light and it seems like their success happened suddenly. When, in reality, we don’t see the small beginnings, the blood, sweat, and tears of daily hard work. We don’t see the tiny flower sprout from its seed, covered in dirt. We barely see it as it first pushes up into the fresh air. We only see it blooming; bright, iridescent, and beautiful.

Why would God make good things take time? Why must we eat healthy and work out for months to be in amazing shape? Why can’t we just be that way now, after one salad and one run? Why aren’t our relationships filled with excellent communication the instant we meet someone? Why do our businesses take years and years to launch? Why?  

Good things take time. Beautiful things take time. Wonderful things take time. They take work and dedication and discipline. But we find that as we take the time and the effort towards these good things, that they become sweeter to us, way more precious, and we might even start enjoying the process.

There is a beauty and joy in growth that we miss sometimes. We forget that along our journeys towards something, that there are these moments of utter wonder. The first time we write a song, the first product that was sold, the first kiss, the first steps of a child.

When we wish only for the end results, we end up wishing away the sweet, tiny moments that make life awesome. We miss out on moments of wonder that God shares with us. We miss out on being amazed by the joy of taking one small, brave step forward.