The Power of Stories

Maybe you have a sinking suspicion that you are just strange beyond belief, that no one could understand you, that you are the only one. These feelings tends to lead either to feelings of inferiority or superiority, neither of which is ideal. When we share our stories and listen to stories of other people, we find that we are, in fact, not alone.

Everyone has a story to tell; each unique and yet somehow similar. Our stories contain triumphs and disasters, heartbreaks and great loves, embarrassments and elations. We all want similar, over-arching things: to be loved, to love, to belong, to be happy. And we want different, specific things: to have a family, to move to another country, to become a CEO, to start our own companies, and so on and so forth. 

When we listen to other people’s stories, we simultaneously experience that we are all very much alike and yet somehow, intricately different. We get to connect with what makes us human and celebrate what makes us unique. Amongst real, authentic stories, we find a freedom there that was previously not present. We find that we can be vulnerable and authentic, that other people also want real relationships, to connect in deeper ways, and to experience life to the fullest. 

This is why we share our testimonies. We make ourselves vulnerable to people and share that we have been broken too— most likely we are still broken in some way even now. When we do this, we free other people to share their messy stories, for them to be open too. And we connect to each other as we lower the walls of perfection and isolation and find a vast, amazing world filled with the handiwork of God..

NOTE: Not everyone deserves to hear everything about you or your life. Share what you feel comfortable sharing with whoever you feel comfortable sharing it with. 


The Witheos Team