Do the Dishes

In order to change your life, you actually have to change it.

There is an organizational book out there that talks about how to get the dishes done and keep your house clean. The brilliant realization is that in order for the dishes to get done… you actually have to do the dishes.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results. The same goes for your life. If you want your life to look different, you actually have to do different things within your life. If you want the dishes to be done, change what you are currently doing to something that will get you to your desired result. There is no magic fairy dust that gets sprinkled in your life when you want something to change or improve. If you don’t move or change, your life won’t either.

The hardest part about this is the changing of momentum. You are currently running a certain direction. The momentum it takes to change that direction is uncomfortable and different than what you’ve currently been doing.  The key is to make tiny, simple changes.

If you feel a deep need to change something in your life, that God is calling you to something great, that a new season needs to happen, then sometimes you just have to do your dishes. What is the simplest, even the most boring task that you could do that would start to change your momentum?

Our lives can be change in monumental moments; those times of epiphany, great joy, triumph, tragedy. But most of the time, our lives are changed by the small, silent, simple tasks.

If you feel like your life is out of control, honestly, start with the dishes. Get them done every day. One step at a time is still progress.

One step at a time is how every race is run and how every race is won. One small, positive decision at a time is how life is changed, how your life is run and how your life is won.