Wordless Prayers

“Some days

The only prayers I can muster are a morning run, a cherished sip of coffee, a warm embracing of someone I love.

Some days, my only prayers are responding to this existence through the gift of my body.

Even now, using words diminishes the power of these prayers” – Scott the Painter


For most of us, prayer is a form of communication with our Creator. And like most people, we think of communication as talking or writing. Therefore, most of the time we think of prayer as the act of saying, writing, or thinking words back and forth to God.

This is great way to be with the Father. It is the clearest, most obvious way to know whether you are communicating with God. You know you are speaking to Him because you are directing words or thoughts to Him. You know you are praying. You know you are communing. You might not always feel like He is responding or that you are heard, but you do know that you are communicating something at some level.

Yet, there are other forms of communication that God has given to us. With each other, we communicate through physical touch, through giving gifts, and through spending time with each other. We also communicate through body language, the way we look at each other, the small things we do daily.

If these are forms of communication that are available to us for each other, they are forms of communication that are available for us to connect with God. Therefore, prayers do not have to be verbal in nature. They can be as simple as actually just breathing or walking. They can be as simple as humming a song, drinking wine, being with God in the ordinary. Using your physical body to commune with an all-powerful God who is ever present in the small parts of our day, in the delights of our hearts, in the warmth of love and joy.