When was the last time you were completely honest with someone? Not in a judgmental way or an accusing way, but with complete honesty about your feelings. Your fears and doubts, your insecurities and conflicting thoughts, your joys and what you love.

We crave relationships in which we can be honest. Honesty paves the way for vulnerability, connection, and movement. You cannot be vulnerable without being honest. This is not an honesty without tact or thought to another’s emotions, this is an honesty about your own personal thoughts, feelings, and desires. Through sharing these things, we actually create the thing we desire the most: connected and intimate relationships (NOTE: not everyone deserves to see the most honest and vulnerable you. This should be with people who are safe and who care about you).

What God wants in a relationship with us is the same thing we want in relationships: deep, intimate connection. Which cannot happen without honesty and authenticity. So, if you are angry with God, like so many of us are, tell Him. He already knows anyway. You are no worse off intentionally voicing or thinking or expressing that anger than you were when it was trying to stay hidden inside of you. Do you sometimes not believe in His goodness? Tell Him. Do you sometimes think you have a better plan for your life than He does? Tell him. Do you sometimes think that your holiness and goodness require less of God? Tell Him. Do you feel unclean, unworthy, and undeserving of His love? Tell Him. Do you not feel His love at all and He feels distant? Tell Him.

This vulnerability with the God of Creation starts a dialogue, starts a conversation that leads to deeper and deeper intimacy with Him. He is so very kind. He loves you. And He already knows the worst things in your head and heart, and He already knows the best things. Bringing your emotions and thoughts to the Lord, without judging them yourself, without knowing the exact answer to solve the conflicting and chaotic things you think and feel, allows you to step closer to a God who is always near, always present, and always singing His love for you.